Keeping your grey roots covered during lockdown has just become so much easier with the launch of milk_shake SOS Roots.  We 100% believe that nothing will ever replace your hairdresser when it comes to seamlessly and beautifully colouring your hair but, if you’re susceptible to grey roots appearing in between visits to your favourite salon, you will understand the benefits of a magical bottle of temporary root coverup that will easily and instantly conceal your greys until the next shampoo!

What is milk_shake SOS Roots?
An instant coloured spray that covers grey hair regrowth with a natural effect without leaving any residue. milk_shake SOS Roots comes in a choice of 6 shades, brown, dark brown, light blond, blond, mahogany and black and is ammonia free.  View the shades click here.

How long will the coverage last?
Until the hair is washed.

How does SOS Roots work?
The pigments within milk_shake SOS Roots are naturally-sourced and are taken from minerals. Their properties give rich and intense colour with a quick action that hides greys. milk_shake® SOS Roots GIVES INSTANT AND TOTAL COVERAGE TO GREYS.