Body Piercing


Piercing Jewellery


Trend Setters has a large selection of jewelry to chose from, from hand made white and yellow gold nostril screws with diamonds, to a multitude of beads for captive bead rings . Our professional piercer is the second member of the Association of Professional Piercers in all of Canada, and has performed thousands and thousands of expert piercings. We offer a safe, sterile environment with a friendly & professional piercer to guide you through any of your piercing needs.

Prince George’s most trusted and respected piercing studio since 1997. For people who want to be well informed and don’t want to take chances with their piercings.


Body Piercing

Ear Lobe - Single Ear

18g 3/8 Cbr

Ear Lobe - Both Ears

18g 3/8 Cbr x 2


18g 3/8 Cbr


16g 3/8 Curbb

Nose - Jewelled

Price includes 2nd appointment for adjusting 3 weeks later  – 18g Jeweled Nostril Screw


16g 3/8 Cirbb

Naval - Jewelled

14g 3/8 Double Jeweled Curbb


18g 5/16 Cbr


18g 5/16 Cbr


14g 3/8 BB x 2


16g 5/16 Push Fit Labret with gem

Triple Forward Helix

16g 5/16 Cbr x 3


16g 3/8 Push Fit Labret with gem


14g 3/4 Poly BB


16g 3/8 Push Fit Labret with gem/16g 5/16 Cbr

Nipple - Single

Single 14g 9/16 BB

Nipple - Double

Both 14g 9/16 BB x 2

Skin Diver
Below the Waist

These prices include Standard Jewelry!! Not including cleaning solutions or taxes.

We do recommend our clients use proper cleaning solutions, not ones unsanitarily made or home remedies. For that reason we sell H20 Oral Mouthwash for $10.95 and H20 Piercing After Care Spray for $14.95 as well as Anti Bacterial Ear Care Solution by Inverness for $6.95.

We don’t assume all jewelry is one size fits all, or that all of our clients want the same jewelry. We provide custom piercings, with custom fitted jewelry for perfect fit and comfort! Please call and we can go over custom options.

Special Pricing

10% off piercings when you receive 3 or more piercings at the same time.

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